Sunday, January 02, 2005

Keyword Phrases and Your Site

With the arrival of the new year, it is time to review your web site for all the relevant keywords and phrases. If there are search terms people are using, that are not included in your site, chances are you are missing that traffic. The days of including keywords and phrases in meta tags and getting results are gone. Today, content is king.

Textual content is a major factor in getting search engine results. For a keyword or phrase to be important to your site, you should have a page devoted to that keyword or phrase. It's not enough to simple mention it. Your site should have a page optimized for that keyword or phrase. That phrase should be used throughout the page.

Be careful not to overdo it, though. Simply repeating the keyword over and over again, with out making logical sense when read, can result in your site being penalized or even banned for some search engines. Read through the text carefully, to make sure it makes sense. The search engine spiders are getting smarter and smarter.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

BEWARE of Identity Theft

Gone Phishing!! That's the sign that hangs on the web today. But this is not a leisurely activity. This is serious business (or should I say crime.)

Phishing refers to the scams that are rampant on the internet today that are aimed at stealing your identify. If you get email, you've probably gotten one from a well known bank, Ebay or Paypal, that says your account will be suspended if you don't log on and update your information. While the emails may look official (and even have the company name in the From address) they are not. The link will take you to a fake site. Once you enter your information, the identity thief has you. They can access your ebay account, your paypal account or your bank account.

One rule of thumb -- never follow the link in any email, even if you think it's legit. Instead, go to the company's web site and login there.

I read a recent article about another scheme that was even more serious. While no reports have surfaced in the US, it could be a matter of time. A bank in S. America reported that a piece of spyware was redirecting some online banking users to a fake site. What the spyware did was change the address in Favorites to their fake site. When you log in, they can captured your account information.

If you don't have a spyware program on your computer, you should. Go to and download Ad-Aware. It is a free program, but in PC World Magazine tests, it out performed several paid versions. Keep it up to date and run it at least weekly.

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Writing Articles can increase your search engine ranking.

In today's search engine world, content is still king. The days of filling meta tags with keywords and getting a good ranking are gone. If you want your site ranked well under a certain key phrase, your site better have good content about that key phrase.

One way to keep your customers or clients informed is by writing articles, such as this blog. An article does not have to be a long, literary masterpiece. In our busy world, people don't have time to sit and read. Write a short article that gets directly to the point. Tell the reader why the article is important to them, then give them the information.

Writing articles is also a well-known technique for establishing yourself as an expert in your field and getting inbound links to your site. Furthermore, it is just as effective for building your opt-in mailing list. All you have to do is put a link to your newsletter subscription in the byline of the article and submit the article to websites, directories, and ezines. I think writing articles is actually one of the best ways to build your list because the readers already see you as an expert. They will think of you as a knowledgeable individual and someone they can trust before they even join your list. Profits will roll in much faster from these subscribers.

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Your Newsletter Should Be Making Money For You!

If you don't have an email newsletter, why not? Unless your customers or clients can only use your product or service once, you should be communicating with them regularly. A newsletter is the perfect vehicle. You can announce new products or specials, give them useful tips or pass on information you feel is important.

One of my clients uses her newsletter in a very successful way. She holds a drawing from her newsletter subscribers for a free product. She announces the monthly winner in her newsletter, while announcing new products she has available. It isn't long after the newsletter goes out that the orders for the new items start rolling in.

Pack your newsletter full of useful information, free resources, tips, tools, and anything else your subscriber list will be interested in. Also, be sure to make it fun and add your personality to it. Then your subscribers will enjoy reading it and get to know you at the same time.

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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Video Presentation

Do you want to impress clients or customers with a video showcase of your products or services? can create a multimedia presentation and duplicate it on CD for you to distribute.

Maybe you want to highlight the features of you certain product. Or maybe you want to create an infomercial that explains your business in detail. Whatever the need, we can create it for far less than video production company. We create flash presentations, as well as digital video presentations., we hand you the world.

Free Web Site Hosting on New Web Site Design

June Special for Tucson Web Site Design Services is offering free web site hosting for any new web site we design during the months of June, July and August. On any new web site, pay for 1 quarter hosting and receive 1 month free. Pay for 6 months hosting and receive 2 months free. Pay for 1 year hosting and receive 3 months free.

Monday, May 31, 2004

Web Site Design

Does your business have a web presence? Maybe you think, my business is just local, why do I need a web site? More and more locals go to the web to decide which business has what they are looking for. If your business isn't there, they will find your competitor.

For low cost solution to web site design, whether you are located in Tucson, Arizona or elsewhere, can help.

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Monday, May 24, 2004

New Sites To Review

A few interesting sites for review:

LeTip Tucson. LeTip is a networking and lead generation group. LeTip meets on the east side of Tucson and currently has about 40 members. Only one business per category is allowed. In 2003, this chapter generated $475,000 in business between members and member referrals.

D.B. Hennigar builds luxury custom homes in Tucson Arizona.

Watch for more interesting sites to come.

Over Optimization Penalty

When requesting an incoming link from other web site, avoid the Over Optimization Penalty. Google may penalize a site when the incoming links are all exactly alike. To avoid the danger of having your site penalized, make sure you vary the link information you send.

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Friday, May 21, 2004

More Link Exchange Info

Want to create a link exchange on your own? Here is an easy way to do so.

Go to Google or one of the major search engines. In the search phrase box, enter the search phrase, then a "+" sign, followed by "submit a site". This should bring up sites that relate to your, but also a form to submit your web site to be linked from theirs. You might also try, "add a link", "submit a link", or "link to us" .

If they require a reciprocal link, be sure you add the reciprocal link, either before you complete their form, or shortly thereafter.

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Reciprocal Link Exchange

If you have a web site and want to generate more traffic, create a reciprocal link exchange. Not just any link will do. Links should be to and from sites whose content is relevant to your site. This does not mean linking to competitors. With a little work, you can find sites that are similar but do not compete with your. Next, you need to contact the site owners and ask if they would be interested in exchanging links with you. If they agree, you will need to add their link to your site.

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